Teeandee Productions was established in 2005 and
specializes in bespoke websites and high quality, one off
computer systems built to the customer's requirements.

  • Computer Services
  • Webdesign
  • installations





CV: I started my working life in 1972 as a Lithographer and spent the next 35 years perfecting my craft. In 1981 I bought my first computer, a Sinclair Spectrum and taught myself how to write code. I was always fixing other people's computers and ultimately building my own as I was always disappointed with the high street offerings. In 2005 I sadly had to leave my profession due to disability. Being trained in colour and design I turned my hand to building websites to earn a crust after taking a Dreamweaver course at Salisbury College. I have great pride in my work and have always believed in a fair days work for a fair day's pay.
To that end I provide a first class service where all my work is guaranteed to your satisfaction.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with your requirements.